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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Milestones and Memorable Moments

It's amazing how some of the everyday things that we all take for granted can suddenly become huge milestone events when the ability to do them is withdrawn or suspended for a while. This morning we had one such 'milestone moment'. 
During the last few weeks we couldn't help but wonder how much of our life we would ever be able to regain. Some days Suzie has looked so very poorly, and her weakness and disability has become so much more profound than ever before. One of our biggest fears has been that I might lose the ability to take her out of the house independently. Not only does Suzie have necessary medical appointments to attend, but she also needs the joy and pleasure of having a change of scenery and a bit of 'interest' in her day. The local Council are in the process of liaising with our OT and some local builders to provide a solution to our access needs, but in the mean time we were prisoners in our own home.

Thank you Lisa, you're an angel!!
But we should have known that God would have a plan.... In response to a random comment that I posted on Facebook a dear friend of mine who has a disabled son came to our rescue with the loan of a 6' long wheelchair ramp which fits beautifully on our steps. Admittedly it's rather steeper than council's 'blanket' regulations might specify, and we still have one small step at the top to negotiate, but none of that matters to us. It suits my little 7 stone Suzie and me perfectly! We are just so grateful to have a safe way of getting in and out of the house and it has given us the precious gift of still being able to go out while we wait for the council to sort out a more permanent solution.

The smile says it all!

So, today we were able to go out for the first time in a month. It was an amazingly huge achievement and a wonderful joy for us both to get a glimpse of the life that is still out there and waiting to be enjoyed and appreciated! It was a very brief outing and Suzie has slept most of the day since we got home, but what a precious blessing!

As we move from February into March we will see another milestone.... My birthday!
I can't help but think back to my last birthday, which was a rather significant one. It was on my 50th birthday last year when we first met the Palliative Care Nurse from Rowcroft Hospice. That was the beginning of a connection that would provide a vital lifeline for Suzie and me as we have adjusted to the ever increasing difficulties that come with living with life-changing illnesses. In view of this I have decided to 'donate' my birthday this year to them.... I would like to ask anyone who would want to give me a card or a present to please make a donation to our fund raising effort for Rowcroft Hospice instead. I would be delighted to receive no cards or presents at all if it meant we could raise awareness and funds for this amazing charity. Please click here to find out more or to make a donation:
If all of my friends could save the money they might have spent on sending me a card or a present and donate just a few pounds each instead it would raise hundreds of pounds and would enable other people to benefit from the lifeline that Rowcroft have provided for us. If you're not comfortable with online transactions please just send cash or a cheque made out to Sue and I will transfer the gift directly from my own account. I do hope we can reach our target as it would make Suzie show up on the Rowcroft website as one of their top personal fundraisers. That would be such a special way for her to feel she was showing her appreciation to them. I do hope you will feel able to support us in this way. Thank you.

As a family we have another 'Milestone Moment' coming up next weekend as we celebrate a family wedding. It will be such a lovely opportunity for our family to get together and share in a happy occasion. Family members will be coming from as far afield as Lancashire and it will be the first time we have all been together for a very long time. A dear friend of ours is a very experienced HCA and has kindly agreed to care for Suzie for the day, so I will be able to relax, knowing that she's in safe hands and being well looked after.
We are seeing so much evidence of God's hand at work in our lives. Just as we get to the point when we feel we can't take any more He gives us some beautiful blessings and some positive 'Milestone memories' in the making. Here's hoping that this morning's fresh air will help Suzie to have a peaceful and refreshing night's sleep.
Please remember to have a look at our 'JustGiving' page.... 
Every little helps. 
God bless you.