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Friday, 17 January 2014

Nothing's ever simple with Suzie!!

Just a quick update....
This week hasn't panned out quite the way we'd expected it to and it seems that the plan of action for Suzie's treatment is rather more complicated than we had thought. The phone call we received today from Suzie's Oncologist, Dr. L, revealed that she and other medical professionals involved in Suzie's care have been discussing her case and combining their various fields of knowledge and expertise in order to find the safest and most beneficial way to move forward with her treatment. 
It's been decided that it's too risky to go ahead with the chest drain until after a CT scan has been done because, it seems, there may be additional complications beyond the build up of fluid causing problems. The upshot is that Dr. L is going to ensure that a CT scan is done this coming week, either as an outpatient, or, if this isn't possible, she will have Suzie admitted. The results of this will be analysed and the treatment/procedure will subsequently be carried out asap.
Regarding the chemotherapy.... That is all set up and ready to start as soon as the other medical procedures have been carried out. It can't be started beforehand due to the problems Suzie had last time with her blood platelet levels not recovering, as this would make it too risky to carry out any surgical procedures.
Suzie is understandably very apprehensive, especially about the prospect of staying in hospital and being unable to make herself understood when she needs anything or if she's asked to do something she can't do. We're trying to focus on the hope that, this time next week, much of this will be behind us and that Suzie will be on her way to feeling a lot more comfortable than she does right now.
I'll let you know....