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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Memories to Treasure

Before the lights on the Christmas tree go off for another year, I'm taking a moment or two to reflect on the memories that we've made over the festive period.
 We had a very special time at home with our family. My son and daughter, Jay and Bek cooked a most beautiful and extravagant meal for us all at lunch time. They prepared an amazing array of vegetable dishes and various side dishes and sauces, along with roast turkey (contributed by my parents), followed by a selection of desserts (provided by my sister). Her Bailey's Cheesecake was a hit, as usual, and the wine flowed freely all day and into the evening thanks to Auntie B.
Everyone did everything they could to ensure that the day was enjoyable and stress-free for Suzie, and as restful and relaxing as possible for me, not least my precious niece who always makes me feel very special and loved! We are incredibly blessed to be part of such an amazing and caring family, and we thank God for each one of them. 

Suzie's new wine glass!
I have to say Suzie coped remarkably well with having 10 people in the house and I think she enjoyed the diversion from our usual routine. She had a lie down late morning (as she usually does these days) but then stayed in the thick of it until bed time. She didn't even have her usual afternoon nap.... I think she was afraid she might miss out on something! We shared gifts with each other, and Bek and Jay gave Suzie, amongst other things, a festive glass for her wine which has an integral straw! (See photo)
We all enjoyed a lovely day of fun and togetherness, with a few light-hearted games and my annual music quiz that has become a family tradition. My 'soon to be' brother-in-law impressed us all by his comprehensive knowledge of Abba music, and, as usual, my efforts to include some modern music fell short by about 20 years!!  
Precious memories were made, and will be treasured for ever. God is good. No matter what we may face as we continue along this journey, we can hold on to these beautiful memories and we can count our many blessings.