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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Answered prayers - A brief medical update

Just a quick update. We spent this afternoon at the hospital in the Heart and Lung dept. finding out the results of Suzie's recent overnight oximetry monitor, and checking out her recent breathlessness. 
The good news is that her oxygen levels are within the normal boundaries and that no medical intervention is required at the moment. This is a huge answer to prayer as the thought of Suzie spending all night every night wired up to an oxygen machine was rather alarming to say the least. 
She also had a chest x-ray that showed a minimal increase in the fluid level from the previous x-ray a month ago so we are reassured that we will, God willing, get through Christmas this year without a repeat of last year's drama. One slight concern was a small patch on the x-ray near the top of her lung, but I would hope that if it was anything to worry about they would have followed it up.
We are so grateful for the love, prayers and support that we continue to be shown on a daily basis. People pray for us, email us and interact on Facebook - and that means so very much to us. We are convinced that God has answered prayers today. Thank you to our special people (you know who you are!) 
I will update the blog again very soon, but, right now, I'm ready for some sleep. Night night and God bless you all. xx