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Monday, 7 October 2013

A Worldwide Wave of Light and Love.... Amazing!

On Thursday 3rd October 2013 we were part of an amazing worldwide wave of light. All around the world people everywhere lit a candle at 8pm (their local time) in recognition of everyone affected by Multiple System Atrophy. As the lighting of the candles moved from one time zone to the next it created a virtual wave of light that moved across the whole world.
Being part of this global event was an amazing and humbling experience for us, especially as we were privileged to receive photos from friends and family, all around the world, of candles that they had lit especially for Suzie.
At 8pm Uk time more than 40 friends met with us at St. Michael's Church in Teignmouth as we united with people far and wide in prayer for Suzie and for all those who face similar challenges. It was awesome, in the truest meaning of the word. Suzie and I personally remembered before God all of the friends that MSA has brought into our lives, and we felt a huge sense of love and unity as we prayed for them too. In particular we were moved beyond words as we prayed for those whose journey is now over, and for their loved ones who now face life without them. We were delighted to welcome two such friends into our church that evening, and we look forward to seeing them again very soon.
As someone said to us in an email the next day, "You could not fail to feel the loving arms of our Lord there in the midst of us."
That was certainly the experience Suzie and I had. Since then we have felt stronger and more positive than ever, and totally uplifted by the love we have been shown and by the enriching of our faith in our Almighty God.
The week was rounded off beautifully as we celebrated Suzie's birthday with family and friends, and enjoyed the plentiful cards, messages and e-cards that came flooding her way. Beyond all of the presents that Suzie received for herself, the best 'present' by far was seeing the total of our fundraising efforts for Rowcroft Hospice sail past our target and reach over £1250.
All in all, Suzie and I can put our hands on our hearts and say with total conviction 'God IS Good'. Of that we have no doubt.
Here are just a few of the photos that were shared with us by family and friends from around the world.

I switched on my iPad at 8.15am to find the 1st Beautiful Candle Photo
that had been sent to us by our dear friend Helen in New Zealand, 12 hours ahead of us.

St. Michael's Church Altar
From my daughter, Bek, in Bristol, Uk
St. Michael's Church, Teignmouth,

Our friend Emily, Uk

Our friend Charlotte, Uk
Suzie's cousin Judy & David, Torquay, Devon, Uk
My Mum.... unable to be there but still thinking of us.

Murray at St. Stephen's House Chapel, Oxford, Uk
Paul and Sharon in Sussex, Uk
My cousin Sue, Gary & Charlotte, in Buckinghamshire, Uk

Suzie's brother John & Donna, California USA

Suzie's sister Carol, Ontario, Canada

Final photo from Prue and Bernie in Canada. Perfect!