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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Suzie's Birthday

I just can't believe we're now into September!! This year seems to have flown by in a whirlwind of medical appointments, treatments, hospitals, home adaptations, therapists, etc. etc. etc.... I think that if I had a pound for every time I'd started a sentence with the words 'In a couple of weeks time when things start to ease off a bit......' I'd be a millionaire by now! Needless to say, things haven't yet started to 'ease off', but we're learning to live with it. 
In 4 week's time it will be Suzie's birthday. What do you give to someone who really wants nothing more than to be free from this devastating illness? We know that isn't going to happen in this life, but we thank God for the immense amount of help and support we are being offered, not least from our local Hospice Palliative Care Team. Rowcroft Hospice are so much more than I had ever imagined. Let's be honest.... If you asked anyone in the street what a Hospice was the chances are they would say it was a place where people go when there's no more that can be done for them. I admit, that is what I thought. But that is a million miles away from the reality. Rowcroft offer us emotional support; care in our own home; alternative therapies; and all manner of things to make our lives easier (not just for the patient but also for the carer). I can honestly say they have made such a huge difference as we have learned to face this devastating journey on which we find ourselves. 
So, in recognition of the tremendous support and help that Rowcroft give us, and in honour of the love and high esteem in which so many people hold Suzie, I have set up a fund raising page to mark her birthday. The target date is October 4th, Suzie's Birthday. The target amount is £1000. Will you help us to reach this goal, to enable Rowcroft to offer other people the life-changing support that they give us, and to make Suzie feel as Special and as Loved as she deserves to feel? Suzie is my life, my love, my world..... Caring for her is my reason for living. Please show your love and support for her and make her realise how very special she is by making a donation to this most worthy cause. If suffering this horrible, devastating illness can do anything to help ease the suffering of other people in the future Suzie will feel that her misery will not have been in vain. Donations can be made on the JustGiving website (If you would like to read more about Rowcroft you can do so here: Rowcroft Hospice. But Please make sure your donations go through the JustGiving-Suzie's Birthday Fundraising Page so that she can have the joy of seeing our target being reached) :
This is a globally trusted and secure Charity donations website, and all of the money donated will be transferred directly to Rowcroft Hospice. If you are a Uk tax payer you can also Gift Aid your donation and the HMRC will pay an extra 25% on top of whatever you give. If, for any reason, you feel unable to donate via this page please send a cheque made out to Suzie (Mrs. S. Sullivan) to us and I will transfer the money from our own account and your donation will then still show up towards our target.Thank you for your support. Please join with me in wishing Suzie a very Happy Birthday and God's greatest blessings and peace as we face whatever the coming year may hold. As an old Sunday School song proclaims.... With Jesus in the boat we can smile at the storm. God grant us a smile or two as we continue on this painful journey, seeking all the blessings that He has planned along the way. Thank you and God bless you all.