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Monday, 30 September 2013

BBC.... Bathroom, Birthday and Candles!

Our newly adapted 'Wet Room'

Well.... The bathroom is pretty much sorted, except for a few finishing touches - and Suzie and I have both had a shower now (for the first time in a over a week so I'm sure the local neighbourhood is very grateful!!)
The new layout certainly makes things much easier and safer for us both, and we're very pleased with the end result.
Not only that, but everything also folds away very nicely when not in use so it gives us a lot more 'wheelchair space' in the bathroom for other things.

Just awaiting a few finishing touches

By an amazing co-incidence, it turned out that the very charming young man who fitted the flooring used to go to school with my kids, Bek and Jay, and is the son of the great guy that used to be Curate of our Parish Church nearly 20 years ago! It was so lovely to see him again and to see what a nice young man he has become.
It's such a small world isn't it!

Worldwide Wave of Light
for MSA Awareness Day
October 3rd 2013
So.... on to this week. On Thursday we will be supporting Worldwide MSA Awareness day with a special time of music and prayer, with the lighting of candles, to contribute towards the Worldwide Wave of Light. See previous blog entry or message me for more details and links, or you might want to take a look at this website: MSA Day 2013 

We are also looking forward to spending some time with Sue's family this week as they visit Devon for a few days.
And last but not least.... Suzie's birthday fundraising for Rowcroft Hospice has now reached £835. We are delighted at the response we've had from people near and far, and we feel sure we will reach our target of £1000 by Sue's birthday on Friday 4th October.If you haven't looked at the page yet do please take a look and consider adding a little to our efforts: Fundraising for Rowcroft Hospice. Every pound is very much appreciated by us and by the people of Rowcroft.

So that's us for another week. I hope to post some photos of our 'MSA Candles' next week, along with all those from our friends around the world. If you light a candle where you are at 8pm on Thursday 3rd October do pease take a photo of it and send it to me. 
Take care and God bless you all.