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Monday, 19 August 2013

Our Holiday!

We've been on holiday!! (Pause for effect......)
Anyone who knows me will know that this is NOT a phrase one would associate with me! I don't 'do' holidays.... in fact, sleeping anywhere other than my own home is way out of my comfort zone, and leaving the house empty overnight is something I find very hard to cope with.
But this was different. We were staying with some very dear friends who are experienced in catering for people with the sort of extra needs that Suzie has, who are extremely understanding about my own anxiety issues, and who were eager to give us as much TLC as anyone could wish for. An added benefit was that their Hotel is only just down the road!!
Leaving the house was immensely difficult and I spent a long time checking and re-checking doors, windows, electrical sockets, the cooker etc. (taking photos of them so that I could check them again while we were away if I started to panic.) Suzie watched and constantly confirmed things were secure and switched off.
When we arrived at the Hotel I was a bit nervous of how I would cope with Suzie's personal care in unfamiliar surroundings, and rather concerned that everything would be more difficult, but it soon became clear that things would be made as easy as possible for us. We were made to feel so welcome and 'cared for' that I was soon put at my ease, and, before long, we were sitting in our room and admiring the stunning views, with a glass of wine or two, before having a most beautiful evening meal brought up to us.
The next day we spent a restful morning in our room and then wandered around the wonderfully creative and colourful gardens, which were easily accessed with a wheelchair. The next couple of days were equally restful and we enjoyed a couple of visits from friends who lived nearby. The wonderful team at the hotel took very good care of us, and nothing was too much trouble for any of them. The food was consistently excellent and we were aware that extra care had been taken to cater for our individual preferences and for Suzie's difficulties with eating certain types of foods. We were surrounded by their love, upheld by their prayers, and overwhelmed by the way God's peace could be felt so deeply. The experience of those few days has left us both feeling rested and recharged.
We have a busy few weeks ahead, with various medical tests required to try to ascertain the cause of Suzie's latest unexpected blood results, a catch up with the Hospice therapist and the Speech therapist and, not least, the imminent major adaptation to our bathroom which is being carried out at the request of the OT to provide a wet room with a wheelchair accessible shower. We will be holding on to the sense of peace we felt during our little holiday and drawing strength from that time of rest and refreshment. Thank you to all those wonderful people who gave so much of themselves in order to give us a special sense of God's love and care. (You know who you are!!)
Here are a few photos to share some of our blessing with you all.

The View from our Room......
....And from the other window!

Zooming in on the Estuary

Suzie and me Enjoying the Beautiful Gardens
Suzie Playing Scrabble on her iPad