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Monday, 24 June 2013

2012 ends with the First Hint of a Diagnosis

We'd spent the whole of 2012 longing for a diagnosis that would explain Suzie's ever increasing mobility problems and, one by one, various illnesses had been ruled out. Suzie's recent breathing crisis had now been dealt with and we had our minds focused on getting some degree of normality back into our lives. We'd had our house fitted with various pieces of equipment that would allow me to care for Suzie at home, we would receive on going care from our physio and occupational therapists and, God willing, she would be discharged imminently.
In view of all this positive activity and optimism it came as a huge blow when the doctor came to see us with his bombshell. They'd had a report back from the main hospital with the results of the analysis of the fluid that was drained from Suzie's chest. It appeared that it had shown up some 'suspicious cells' that were being identified as secondary cancer cells. The primary source of the problem was thought to be in the gynaecological area, but more scans and tests would be needed to identify the exact location.
Suddenly we felt numb and bewildered, our hearts torn apart and our minds buzzing with far more questions than anyone could give us answers to. With the New Year holiday upon us it would be the next week before we would have contact with the consultant who would be able to tell us the full implications of this latest revelation. Until then we were left believing that Suzie has some form of cancer, but we didn't know exactly where; we didn't know how this had caused the build up of fluid in her chest for which she was originally admitted to hospital, if indeed it did; we didn't know what connection, if any, there was between this and her on-going symptoms.... There were so many questions and so much we wanted and needed to know.
We could only hold fast to the one thing that we did know for sure.... that, for some reason, God had allowed this to happen and that He would surely guide us through whatever the coming days and months (and, hopefully, years) would bring. We would just take one day at a time. Suzie was coming home, and that was cause for celebration. We would continue, as ever, to be very grateful for the love and prayers that were upholding us as we faced the New Year with an immense sense of uncertainty.